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An introduction to Vandeous orchid culture...


Vandaceous (pronounced van-dace-ee-us) and their close cousins the ascocentrums include about 40 species of orchid from Asia China Taiwan Australasia Solomon Islands and the Philippines'.

From the original species there are now many fine hybrids available.

Often with very showy flowers, and a monopodial growth habit, they do best when grown in slatted baskets.

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How to Grow Vandaceous Orchids

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Vanda and Ascocentrums

Most vandaceous plants do best when grown in slatted baskets with their roots bare to the elements.

Here in the UK they require perhaps a little more attention the those grown in warmer climes.

Vanda's need lots of light, but they will still burn when the sun reaches them through glass, so some shading is necessary, the correct level of shading has been reached when on a sunny day, your hand will cast a shadow on the plant but without a definite edge. grow them high up, but don't forget to give them good air circulation.

Temperature .
With the exception of the cooler growing species such as coerulea, they like it hot, minimum night temps may fall to 55 deg. as long as the plant is thoroughly dry by nightfall and daytime temperatures in the 80's is quite ok.

Water and feeding.
Here in the UK we water very early in the morning, spraying the plants generously, leaving them for around 10 minutes or so to allow that watering to soak the roots, and then again.

If the day is warm, and you can do so, water again around mid-day, this time with a feed mix, always bearing in mind that any water which has not evaporated from the leaves and their axils by sunset may cause a rot problem if the temperature drops too low.

Tip, if you only have one or two Vanda's, and live in cooler climes, water them by letting the roots soak in a bucket for 2 or 3 hours or so every 4/5 days, and spray the leaves clean once in a while, on a warm day.

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