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We hold a meeting and show every month around the areas of Cheshire, Greater Manchester Lancashire and Warrington. Usually there are a trader or two to buy orchids from, and lots of friendly help and advice on how to grow orchids.

If you like orchids come along and meet us, you can become a member of the society quite easily
... join today.

To see the latest news letter download a pdf copy here..

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Free Orchid shows.

Every month we hold a free orchid show; either near Preston, Manchester or Warrington.

New members are always welcome, but our normal monthly shows are free to all, come along and take a look at your local orchid society.

See our orchid show page

Orchid Paintings

Orchid Paintings

historical paintings

 The above are just two images of the many Historical Paintings of Orchids awarded at our shows from the turn of the century through to the Second World War.

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Morning Glory

British Orchid Congress 2020

Southport International Orchid show incorporating te 2020 BOC Congress will take place over the week end of May 30/31st 2020

For more information please visit this link

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The RHS Flower Show
Tatton Park

July 18th to 22nd 2018
Come along and meet us in the Society Marquee, free helpful advice and orchid potting demonstrations; we can supply you with  top quality approved orchid compost.

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The Society once again has taken a Gold Medal as in last years event, along with the coveted trophy for Best display in the Marquee.

2015 results
Our display in 2015 year created in association with the OSGB and took Gold, as well as the coveted Holford Medal for a slideshow of it please click here

Where can you buy

 orchids mail order

Mail order or Collect:-

Burnham Orchid Nuseries Mail order or Collect

Burnham Nurseries

RHS Gold Medal Winners with  a superb selection of orchids for sale.

Orchid Supplies

Orchid compost & Feeds etc.,

orchids by Peter White

Orchiata bark and sundries.
Visit our website at

Hardy Orchids

Orchids for the cool house or garden

Hardy Orchid Nursery

Laneside Hardy Orchids

Extensive range of hardy and terrestrial orchids
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Greenhouse Control

heating, controls, foggers, watering & more

heating, controls, foggers, watering & more
creating conditions for successful growing


Orchid Shows, Orchids for Sale, Help on Orchids, advice on how to repot an orchid and how to grow orchids....

Find it all at the North of England Orchid Society :-

 If you live in the North West of England we will have an orchid show somewhere near you: -

Monthly shows dedicated to orchids with orchid nurseries bringing plants and sundries available to buy.

Become a member, you may only have one or two orchids, or a greenhouse full.

Our members range from those who grow an orchid or two on a windowsill to collections of several thousand orchid plants, if you like orchids, why not join us. Membership of the society costs £20.00 double, £15.00 single, or £7.50 junior.  we accept credit cards cheque or PayPal to apply click here

We are probably the oldest orchid society in the World, and all are welcome to join.

Come along to one of our shows.

You do not have to be a member to come along to one of our monthly shows, obviously membership of an orchid society or club has its advantages, and we often find that new members have visited us once or twice before they join.

To place orchids on the benches for judging you do have to be a fully paid up member.

Our origins.

The Society formed in 1897, was originally known as the Manchester Orchid Society It was to become The North of England Orchid Society around 1973.

Initially meetings would be held fortnightly in The Coal Exchange Manchester. when enthusiastic members from many parts of England would bring their orchids to be admired and judged.

On December 18th 1913 over 1000 orchid plants were displayed at such an event. Apart from the odd brief interlude during both World Wars, the Society has been meeting regularly since its inception.

Although these days unless it happens to be our annual show, you will not see quite so many orchids at our monthly shows, you will be surprised by their variety and quality.

Nowadays, meetings continue on a monthly basis, each one still a judged orchid show in its own right, with members competing on a friendly basis for annual challenge trophies covering some 20 or so classes, and sharing information and advice on orchids and culture.

We have regular talks on orchids where you can pick up tips on how to grow orchids which compliment our monthly shows, the orchid shows begin around 10.00am with plants for judging being entered on the benches by 11.00am., when our own team of British Orchid Council Accredited Judges will begin to judge the various classes and displays.

Points are awarded for First, Second, Third and Fourth places, and plants not placed in these positions may still be acknowledged with a reserve sticker.

All the points are accumulated throughout the years, and trophies for the various classes are presented at our Annual General Meeting.

At our monthly shows, you can generally find an orchid trader or nursery, who will have an interesting variety of orchids you may not come across otherwise, and at reasonable prices.

We are often asked where can I buy orchids ?; well either from traders at one of our shows, or you can buy orchids by mail order from the orchid suppliers you will see advertising on this page, we do know them all, and can highly recommend their services.

Cultural Awards for Orchids

It was the practice of the society to have painted any orchids upon which our own awards were bestowed, and some 700 or so paintings still exist which date from around the turn of the century up to the second world war, we presently show on this website around 30 examples of them.  

Today, the orchid society still awards First Class Diplomas, Awards of Merit, and Cultural Commendations to orchids presented at our monthly shows for judging. To see more of the paintings please visit our ART GALLERY .

Where can you find the North of England Orchid Society?

We have monthly orchid shows around Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside, and in addition we have displayed at the prestigious RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park, where we took many Gold and Best Display Awards; if you have broadband, would you like to view our 2008 display?  or view our 2009 display

Come to one of our monthly shows where you will find orchid plants with an astonishing array of orchids in bloom.

Our orchid displays can be found at several other orchid society events, previouslu including the Peterborough International Orchid Show, where in 2008 we took a Gold Medal; Now this show will become part of the Malvern Three Counties Show.

This very large and excellent event dedicated to orchids takes place close to our own Annual Orchid Show at Tatton Park in June;

We also created a displays of orchids at the Southport Flower Show held in August each year and we have been awarded Gold Medals and Chairman's Trophy for Best Bureau Display. - see the 2008 display and our name appears several times on The Lady Aveling Gold Challenge trophy for the most meritorious display of orchids, see the slide show

As we mention earlier we do of course hold an Orchid  Show, each month, links of our upcoming shows can be found on the left of this page.

If you don't live in our area there are more orchid societies scattered throughout the UK and world wide.




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One of our Gold Medal RHS Displays

For many years we created Gold Medal Winning Displays at the RHS Show Tatton Park....

Large Annual Orchid Show

Each year our Annual Show brings one of the largest orchid events to the North of England, Held in the Tenants Hall at Tatton Park....

World's Oldest Orchid Society?

Established in 1897, we have been giving awards to orchids since the turn of the Century, this is an image of one of the early orchid paintings, from which our badge is derived....

Catesatum pilateum

There are over 35000 species of orchid, here is one of the more unusual from the tropics, often seen at our monthly shows....

Laelia purpurata

This showy species makes a change from the usual Phalaenopsis Orchids found in the supermarkets; many specialist growers attend our shows....


Another species of orchid prized by the enthusiastic grower, these plants can be quite large, and are very showy...

Ophrys - The Bee Orchid

At each of our monthly shows, you will see (at the right time of the year) some fine specimens of terrestrial orchids from the temperate zones....

Dendrobium thrysiflorum

For sheer flower power you cannot beat some of the orchid species which may carry over a thousand blooms....

themed object

Do you like Orchids?

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