North of england orchid society

show classes and trophies

To enter orchids into The North of England Orchid Society Shows you must be a member.

Members of our society are encouraged to enjoy the monthly shows by participation in the plant classes.

Whilst it is not necessary to enter plants (not cut flowers) onto our show benches to attend our shows, once you have placed a plant on the tables for judging, you will be surprised by the enjoyment you will experience as you compete on a friendly basis with your fellow members each month, and hopefully at the Annual General Meeting held in February each year, you will be awarded one or more of the many perpetual challenge trophies to take home and polish until the same time next year.

Entry into the shows is easy, and you will always find someone to help you complete the entry details.

All plants are judged by our own British Orchid Council accredited judges, additionally if asked they will consider a plant for a higher award, the North of England Orchid Society has been making the following awards for excellence for over 100 years; in descending order..FCD (First Class Diploma), AM (Award of Merit), or VHC (Very Highly Commended).

Show times are from 10.00am to 3.00pm, plants must be registered & ready for judging at 11.00am.


Class 1... a group display of 15 or more orchids, with ferns and foliage

Class 2 ... a group display of not less than 7 or more than 14 orchids, with ferns and foliage

Class 3 ... a group of 6 orchids with or without ferns and foliage

Class 4 ... Orchid species small, any genera, for plants with a flower diameter not exceeding 1.25 inches

Class 5 ... Orchid species large, any genera, for plants with a flower diameter of over 1.25 inches

Class 6 ... Standard Cymbidium orchids species or hybrid

Class 7 ... Miniature Cymbidiums

Class 8 ... Paphiopedilum and related genera, species or hybrids but excluding Phragmipedium

Class 9 ... Phragmipedium species or hybrids - Sheila Barnes Memorial Trophy

Class 10 .. Cattleya and related genera species or hybrids

Class 11 .. Oncidinae species and hybrids which do not contain Miltonia, Odontoglossum or Odontioda in their parentage

Class 12 .. Odontoglossum species or hybrids and Odontioda

Class 13 .. Phalaenopsis type species or hybrids The Alan McFarlane Annual CHallenge Trophy

Class 14 .. Dendrobium species or hybrids

Class 15 .. Any other hybrid not covered by any other section, i.e. Brassia, Epidendrum, Disa, Pleione, etc.,

Class 16 .. Novice Class, any plant may be entered into this section by anyone who has not previously won any other class

Class 17 .. Miltonia and Miloniopsis species or hybrids

Class 18 .. Terrestrial Orchids Hardy & Semi Hardy from the Northern Hemisphere

Class 19 .. Vandaceous species or hybrids

Class 20 .. Intermediate class, any member who has won the Junior or Novice Class,
but not any other class may enter a plant into this section, as well as plants in other classes.
1 entry per member per show only is allowed in this class

Class 21 .. Oncidinae intergeneric hybrids containing Miltonia in their parentage

Class 22 .. Pleurothalidinae species or hybrids

Class 23 .. Un Names hybrids

Maximum points in group a - see rules

Maximum points in group b - see rules

The Annice Walkden trophy, given to the person who in the opinion of the committee has contributed in some way to the Society over the year,
and who may not qualify for an award under normal circumstances

The BOGA trophy, awarded by the trade for the best society display at our annual show

The Ratcliffe Trophy awarded by the trade to the best species plant on our own display at our annual show

The Ray Buxton Memorial Trophy, awarded annually to the best hybrid plant on our own display at our annual show