Limited Edition Art Print Details

Painted by Frederick William Bolas

cattleya Alba Helen Langley

Var.The Knowle. F.C.C. N.E.O.S 16 - 12 - 1917

The North of England Orchid Society has an extensive collection of Botanical Paintings and has produced limited edition art ;prints of selected ones

Each size A4 copy is numbered and the notation below the painting details the orchid's name and honours.

At the start of the 20th century Frederick Bolas was one of the principal botanical afrtists for the North of England Orchid Society - formerly the Manchester Orchid Society.

Each time an orchid won a prize Bolas was commissioned by the owner to paint it likeness.

Some of Bolas's paintings were recently exhibited in the Indianapolis Museum of Art and original orchid paintings, largely on gouache on card are highly prized by collectors.


Pricing starting at:£10.00 (for collection at a show)

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